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The Upper Hominy Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department Incorporated is dedicated to life safety, incident stabilization and property conservation. We provide fire suppression, prevention and control to the Upper Hominy and Beaverdam communities and through mutual aid to the surrounding communities. We also provide rescue and emergency medical services to the best of our ability to our communities. We also provide fellowship for our members through meetings and training sessions. We make every effort to maintain up-to-date training methods and practices. We respond to all cries for help in the Upper Hominy Fire District as well as surrounding communities no matter how large or small.


Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms save lives. Test them every month to make sure they work and replace the battery once a year. If the alarm makes a "chirping" sound you must replace the battery immediately. According to the NFPA smoke alarms should be located in every bedroom and in the common areas on each floor of a home. Mount them at least 10 feet from the stove to reduce false alarms, less than 12 inches from the ceiling and away from windows, doors and ducts.
Did you know smoke alarms can be interconnected wirelessly? That means, when one sounds, they all sound. A Consumer Product Safety Commission survey found this is the best way to notify everyone in a home if there is a fire. Be sure to purchase smoke alarms with the label of a reputable testing agency, like Underwriters Laboratories.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon monoxide detectors (CO)  should be installed in a central location outside each bedroom and on every level of the home. Safety tips for carbon monoxide detectors mirror those of smoke alarms. Change the batteries, test the unit and interconnect them, if possible.


Keep combustible materials such as newspapers, furniture or clothes at least 3 feet (36 inches) away from portable heaters.
Never place portable heaters at the bottom of the stairway. This will block the escape route in the event of a fire.
For portable electric heaters, check cords for cracks, breaks or loose connections. Never overload electrical sockets or use power strips!

For Portable Kerosene Heaters

Use only approved K-1 kerosene, never gasoline!
Never fill or refill kerosene heaters indoors or while hot.
Never store kerosene or other ignitable liquids indoors.

During Freezing Temperatures 

Avoid trying to thaw frozen pipes with a blow torch or other open flame. Get help from a neighbor. Use hot water or a device specifically designed for thawing pipes.


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